Rules & Regulations

  • The goal of the library is to make its collection available to all patrons. Compliance with the rules is appreciated.
  • Library users must comply with any reasonable request/instruction issued by library staff. Anyone violating the rules, or failing to obey instructions, may be excluded from the library and/or incur a fine.
  • The Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of anyone found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner. In the case of students, further disciplinary action may be initiated under the University’s Student Disciplinary Procedure.


Guidelines for all Library Users:

Library Environment
  1. Help us maintain a library environment conducive to learning by maintaining discipline, observing silence, and leaving study areas clean and tidy.
  2. Seats in the library cannot be reserved. Users are requested not to displace the seating arrangement.
  3. Use of mobile phones and other devices likely to cause disturbance is discouraged and should be kept on silent mode.
  4. Users are prohibited from bringing their personal belongings inside the library premises except notebooks and laptops.
  5. Eatables/beverages/cigarettes/matchbox or other items that may accidentally damage library materials are not allowed in the library.
  6. Drinking water facility is provided near restroom in the ground floor of library and restrooms are located at the far end on each floor.
  7. Users are requested not to carry any valuables in the library. The library staff is not responsible for the loss of items in the library.
  8. Users are requested to switch off fans and lights when not required.
  9. Damage of library materials, equipment, property, or building is prohibited and must be reported immediately to the library staff. Those responsible will be subjected to penalty.
  10. Stealing or attempting to steal a library document/property is an offense. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the offender.
Books & Reading Materials
  1. All persons leaving the library must show their documents to the security staff.
  2. Reference books, bound volumes of periodicals and journals will not be issued. Members can consult these materials only inside the library.
  3. Newspapers and magazines will not be issued and can only be consulted for reading within the library premises.
  4. Users are requested not to reshelve the books / journal / reports, and to leave them on the reading table after consultation.
  5. Tearing off, marking with pencil or pen, highlighting or dog-earing of books/ journals/ reports, and hiding books and other materials is a serious offence. Any defaulter will be subject to penalty.
Loss of University ID Card
  1. Members are responsible for the Library Card issued to them.
  2. Loss of Library Card should be reported to the reception at OAB immediately.
  3. Duplicate Library Card will be issued on payment.
  4. Members shall be responsible for any loss which may be incurred through misuse of their card.

*All complaints may be brought to the notice of the librarian at the earliest.

NLSIU Members:

  1. All students, faculty members and administrative staff of National Law School of India University are entitled to become members of the library.
  2. Each student member can borrow book/s against the University ID Card.
  3. If the ID Card is lost, members should immediately report it to the reception at OAB.
  4. If a borrower loses the book, he/she shall replace the book within a week’s time. Failure to replace the book may require him/her to pay the cost of the latest edition of the book, and any other fine imposed by the library committee.
  5. If a book is damaged, the borrower is responsible for checking the condition of the book at the time of borrowing, and report it to the Librarian to avoid fines.
Borrowing Duration
  • Registered library members can borrow a certain number of books/materials for specific periods as indicated below.
  • If the same book is required beyond the specified duration, the borrower can renew it, provided there is no demand from other members.
Members No. of books No. of days
BA LLB 1 7
LLM 2 7
MPP 2 7
PhD 4 7
Faculty 30 30
Guest Faculty 5 15
Visiting Faculty 5 15
Research Staff 5 15
Administrative Staff & Others 2 15


Fines & Penalties
  1. Failing to return the book within the due date will entail a fine of Rs. 5 per day. Please note, the amount of fine will be calculated from the date of default.
  2. One week before the commencement of the exams (end-term, mid-term and repeat) and during the exam days, a fine of Rs.10 per day will be imposed if the user fails to return the book/s.
  3. In the event of any student paying fines more than 3 times during a trimester, the Librarian has the right to deny lending any book during that trimester to such students.
  4. All overdue fines (if any) should be settled before taking ‘NO DUES’ certificate from the library, failing which the student will not be allowed to write the exam/s, or exam/s results will be withheld.

Note: All financial transactions are only through the QR Code(UPI). The library will not accept cash.


  • Borrowed library materials not returned after the due date will attract fines.
  • Borrowing rights may be withdrawn from those who persistently keep library materials overdue.
Book Reservations
  • The book reservation file will be maintained in the issue counter. Members can make reservation for those books which are in demand.
  • The library staff will share the name of the student who has borrowed the book so that members can request him/her to return it.

Additional Guidelines:

For Distance Education Students
  1. Students must show their distance education student(PACE) membership card while entering the library.
  2. Distance education students are not allowed to borrow books from the library.
  3. Students are prohibited from bringing their personal belongings inside the library premises except notebooks and laptops.
  4. Distance education students must possess their Identity card while making use of the library facilities and produce the same as and when asked by the staff.

Note: General Guidelines are applicable to all library users. Additionally, these guidelines are specific to PACE students.

External Members (Library Services to the External Members)

The Library is pleased to grant external membership to students and faculty from other educational institutions as well as to other researchers for scholarly research.

  1. External library members are requested to bring their Photo ID Cards. A fees of Rs. 100/- will be charged for One Day library use.
  2. Books and other materials will not be issued to the members; they can only refer or photocopy materials in the library.
  3. Dissertation and Thesis are available on demand(Waiting period minimum 1 hour).
  4. Members are allowed to make use of the above facilities from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm only (Monday to Friday).

Note: General Guidelines are applicable to all library users. Additionally, these guidelines are specific to external/outside members.